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Make Somebody’s Monday: Erin

Faith recently wrote to us to nominate her friend Kelly as she really has been dealing with a lot lately. And when we say a lot, we mean A LOT.

Erin is Faith’s youngest daughter and Erin’s husband has terminal brain cancer. God is good because Gabriel (Erin’s husband) is 35 months into an 18 month life estimate. Erin is the main care giver, working full-time, juggling a 7-year-old with ADHD, and a 5-year-old still in Pre-K. Her life is stressed to the max. God, family, and community have kept her going but still, some days are harder than others. Looking at Gabriel, it’s so hard to understand how someone who looks so healthy can be dealing with this. However, they both continue to remain strong in their faith, even after 2 surgeries and multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The doctor’s are backing down off of chemo to give his body a break, but he is having seizures still. Faith’s grandkids ask every time he goes back to the doctor, “Is my daddy going to die today?”

Wow. Can you say a prayer for Erin & Gabriel? I can’t imagine a more stressful situation than this. We know we can’t fix everything going on, but we decided to try and make Erin’s Monday just a little brighter today.

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