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Make Somebody’s Monday: Karen

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Becky recently wrote us about her friend Karen who was really dealing with a tough situation. Her son Jonathan who is 39 years old suffered severe brain damage last June which led to convulsions and a stroke one week later when he was rushed to ETMC critical care unit. He was there for 7 weeks and considering that he had no insurance, no income or savings, after seven weeks the hospital gave him a room in the trauma unit and one week of inpatient rehab therapy. After declaring him stable, they discharged him to his home that was not set up for him, and to parents that were already exhausted physically and financially from living at the hospital. Despite some court fights, Karen and her husband Wren are managing remarkably well under the circumstances as their attitudes are exceptionally upbeat most of the time, but they desperately need help.

That’s why we decided to Make Karen’s Monday!

But wait, there’s more!

After sharing Karen’s story for Make Somebody’s Monday, a listener named Mike called in and said that he and the members of his Bible study group were listening and have chosen to get involved. They are donating a wheelchair van to Karen and her husband! Can you believe it?

We can’t do everything but each one of us can do something. This group has chosen to do a huge something!

Do you know of someone who is going through a tough time in life? At 90.9 KCBI, we invite you to share their story with us and any needs they might have. Then, listen each Monday morning at 7:12 with Jeff and Rebecca for “Make Somebody’s Monday.” This is an opportunity for KCBI to partner with you to help someone in need and give them hope! You can submit your nomination here!

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