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Man Interrupts Woman Crying on Phone, Leaves Her in Awe of His Generosity

By January 12, 2018 No Comments

As we talk today about being in our God given, God created, God purposed ‘sweet spot’ I wanted to highlight and point out that yes we all have unique sweet spots, but as believers – we all look the same. Because God has created, called and purposed us to live in a manner that points people to Him,  generous. And when we take care of the widows and orphans, reach out to the brokenhearted, take up the weight of the heavy laden, we are in that God spot!
This man shows us all what that can look like. His generosity is a sweet God spot that we can all show. He saw a woman on a train crying, after overhearing her conversation he learned that the Electrical company was going to shut off her electricity for her family. He interrupted her to try to help, after her attempted and failed to speak on her behalf to the electric company he pulled out his own wallet and paid the $500 bill for the single mom!

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