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Marriage Healed by a Touch From Jesus

May 30, 2016

For the past few years our marriage has struggled. One reason was my husbands use of pornography. In October, I moved into the spare bedroom and decided to wake first thing in the morning and before I did anything else, worship God. On this particular morning I began with “I Exalt Thee” by Jesus Culture and “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus” by Elevation Worship. I had spent about an hour worshipping God when my husband came into the kitchen. I could tell that he was very emotional. After some time, he came to me and told me about the dream he had that morning. In the dream, we were walking around a lake and a Man who was fishing told him, “it’s easy to fall down, but hard to get back up,” and then suddenly we were in a bright room. I was reaching down to help my husband up, but he could not get up. Then the fishing Man came into the room, touched him on the shoulder and he was able to get up. Crowds of people, adults and children were there and began cheering. Marriage Healed by Jesus