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Marriage Hope

September 15, 2016

I thank the lord, Jesus, and KCBI for bringing me closer to the love of Jesus and for understanding everyday that he has forgiven me and that there is hope for the future. I was about to file for divorce and leaving my home and my husband when I started listening to KCBI and attending church my whole world started to change. I’m with my husband, my 8 year old daughter is growing close to Jesus and she is a cheerful giver and she amazes me. We both listen to KCBI and it helps us both grow close to knowing our Lord Jesus everyday. There is hope for me, my daughter, my husband and my marriage. We are now even trying to get pregnant and I have hope that God will provide and will bring another child to us. Please keep praying for my husband Jonathan, for me, and for my daughter Camila. Camila needs help with school in understanding math and I pray and declare in Jesus’s name that she has all the wisdom, knowledge and understanding needed for school. I pray in Jesus name.