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May my God carry me through trials and tribulations

By July 7, 2017 No Comments

God I know you have a perfect plan for my life.
I know you say ask and it shall be given.
God right now I am going through so many things that are overwhelming my heart and soul and my life. It is giving me anxiety and depression and I am going to church and a women’s support group right now to try to seek the help I need seeking in your words and the words of my fellow brothers and sisters to help me overcome my burdens and pray with me helping me to make the right decisions for the situation to be resolved by Gods grace. My mother passed in Jan 2017 . She had a Will and my 2 sisters are totally disrespecting the reading of the words of the will and destroying our family over their greed over material things and money. A niece not in the will will not move out of my house I was given. God I ask that you open that door that is your plan for me and help me defeat my enemies and bring peace and guidance to me. Thank you Lord for being my Father and answering my prayers in your timing.