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Ministry Spotlight: A Better Way

From the very beginning, Adam Dooley, the Senior Pastor of Sunnyvale First Baptist Church and host of the radio broadcast, A Better Way, knew that God would use the ministry in a special way.

“I often tell people that it’s not my job to make the Bible relevant,” said Pastor Adam. “It’s already relevant. It’s my job to show them how it’s relevant for their lives. That’s what we try to do.”

Two and a-half years after the radio ministry was started, A Better Way now broadcasts in 15 cities around the United States, including in North Texas each evening at 11:00 o’clock on 90.9 KCBI. Pastor Adam says it would not be possible without the founding support of Sunnyvale First Baptist Church.

“So our first goal is to educate people that [Sunnyvale First Baptist Church] is here,” he said. “If you want serious, verse-by-verse teaching of the scripture, this is a church where you would fit.”

This month the church is offering Christmas concerts for the entire family, and a fascinating sermon series. “If you’ve ever wondered what Ebenezer Scrooge has to do with the Bible, I’ll show you that this month,” said Pastor Adam, smiling.

You can learn more about what Sunnyvale First Baptist Church and upcoming December events at

Pastor Adam says that with the radio program, his vision for ministry has expanded. A Better Way reaches where the church cannot. “Radio gives us a footprint beyond our immediate surrounding.”

And people like Kortney, who wrote from Calhoun, Georgia, are grateful. “I’ve struggled with my faith and unbelief for decades. I thought I was a Christian, but now realize I was really an unbeliever. Thanks to the teaching by Pastor Dooley on these A Better Way radio broadcasts, I now have a clear and biblical picture of what true repentance is and have been saved. I am now pursuing Christ with my whole heart. Thank you!”

“The Bible says about itself that it’s living, it’s active, it’s sharper than a two-edged sword,” said Pastor Adam. “It exposes us – sometimes even in uncomfortable ways. That’s why we want to lovingly share the uncompromising message of scripture – that Jesus is the only way of salvation, and that if you follow Him, you really will find a better way to live.”