Dr. Field Harrison founded MINT dentistry because he is passionate about taking people out of pain. It could be dental pain, it could be spiritual pain, or mental pain, or loss of dignity pain, or financial pain. Even before he graduated from dental school, he was traveling to Romania with other doctors and dentists to end a village’s suffering with tooth and jaw pain.

He spent many dental school weekends assisting other dentists in a free south Dallas clinic. He founded MINT dentistry with the conviction that outstanding dental care should be affordable to everyone.

He’s a devout Christian who welcomes doctors of all faiths to MINT. MINT provides free dental care to soldiers who’ve suffered grievous tooth and jaw injuries in combat. Dr. Harrison and his wife Sabrina privately assist employees in dire financial need. He’s an in-demand speaker on entrepreneurship, leadership and faith. Many organizations are the beneficiary of the Harrisons’ generosity.

Learn more about Mint Dentistry at https://mintdentistry.com/ or call (214) 821-6468.