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Miracle in my marriage

April 17, 2015

Fathers Day 2 yrs ago my husband and I seperated, myself and my son then moved to Fort Worth from Amarillo where I then had to get a job for the 1st time in 14 yrs ( I got the 1st job I interviewed for) I dedicated my life back to God after being backslid for a few yrs, totally changed my life. God delivered me from smoking , drinking, cussing, anxiety medicine instantly ( I am now going on 36 months of deliverance ) today 10 months later after much Praying, Fasting, and days I just worshipped the Lord through the storm my husband and I have been back together living in Amarillo. We have never been as happy and connected as we are right now. I as his wife never lost hope, kept my Faith and believed God would one day bring us back together. I knew God had to fix me and help me to realize some things as well as him. I give all the Glory and Honor to God! THANK YOU JESUS!! NEVER GIVE UP!!