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Moms Are Warriors

By February 11, 2022 No Comments

Thanks for the company on 90.9 KCBI! I am honored to be married to my best friend for 25 years now, she’s still my crush, the mother of our child, in fact I flirt with her too much she said. She told me “if you never complimented me another day in my life I already know how you feel,” and when I saw another brother in-Christ share his love for his wife and how he compliments her daily I had to share it with you.

He said, “As men we often take for granted the sacrifice women have to make during the 9-month pregnancy process. Her body goes through unbelievable change. She will be at risk of several different health issues, her eating habits may increase, her moods may swing, her sleeping patterns may adjust, her self-esteem may even take a hit, and most importantly her life may be at risk as she gives birth. We men unfairly expect her body to snap back in place, she may be left with battle marks and scars. She may try to hide them; she may struggle with feeling attractive. But the reality is, her body brought life into the world, brought your child into the world. So cherish her, compliment her daily, and let her know that she is even more beautiful now than before.”