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More Good News Surrounding COVID-19

It’s as simple as opening up social media or turning on the TV if you want to hear bad news about the Coronavirus. However, despite COVID-19 being an absolute tragedy on our planet, there are good things that are surrounding this virus that we can celebrate as we watch people step up like never before.

1. Captain. Tom Moore, a British WWII veteran, walked the length of his garden 100 times to raise money for Britain’s National Health Service. When the fundraiser was over, he had raised over $40 million. Moore turned 100 years old on April 30, and he received 150,000 birthday cards in the mail and an honorary promotion from captain to colonel. (Source BBC News)

2. An anonymous donor in Santa Cruz, California, gave $1 million to their local hospital to thank health care workers. The money will be distributed as bonuses to all employees of the hospital. (Source: CNN)

3. More than 1 million people have recovered from COVID-19 worldwide. (Source: NPR)

4. Kroger bought 200,000 gallons of surplus milk from dairy farmers and donated it to food banks across the country. (Source: ABC)

5. A customer left a $1300 tip to support a local Austin, Texas, restaurant on the day it reopened. (Source: CNN)

6. Denver teachers joined together and donated their stimulus money to help students and their families. (Source: 9 News Denver)

7. The “Parks & Recreation” reunion special on NBC raised $2.8 million for Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund. (Source: Variety)

8. On May 3, Italy reported the lowest number of cases and deaths in almost 2 months. (Source: Bloomberg)