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Mummified Twinkies: They’ll Get You to Eat Those Veggies!

By October 20, 2020 No Comments

Can you imagine pulling a box of Twinkies off the shelf and open up a mummified version! Well for Colin Purrington he didn’t have to imagine he experienced it. Like you and me Colin got the hankering for a late night snack and as he was rummaging through the food pantry he found a package of Twinkies hidden in a box that he had purchased back in 2012. (Don’t ask why they were hidden, we all have our hidden treats!) Colin opened up the box and unwrapped Twinkie #1 and described it like this,

“It tasted what I imagine a well-used sock would taste like. Reminiscent of really stinky cheese, but not the fancy kind that are supposed to smell a bit off. This was truly indescribably bad.”

“The Twinkie I bit into tasted truly awful. Easily the worst thing I’d ever eaten, made worse because I took a large bite and started chewing with zeal.” We’ve all been there Colin! Nothing worse!

So this answers the age old question of why junk food is bad for us…’cuz it’s made of junk that rots out after years.

Actually that’s not totally proven, in fact some scientists were curious about this mummified Twinkie and asked Colin to send in the rotten Twinkie and they began to study the fungi that was growing…( are we all reaching for some carrot sticks right now?!) if you are curious about this scientific outcomes of their research on the glorious Mummified Twinkie CLICK HERE