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My 3 Tips to Conquering The Gym!

By January 13, 2020 No Comments

You might have some goals set for 2020 and maybe a gym is going to help you achieve those goals! But the idea of a gym can be super intimidating for some of you. Trust me, I get it! But I want to be able to offer a couple of tips on how to push past that nervousness and own the gym!

1) Have a Game Plan! There’s nothing worse than walking into a gym full of equipment with no idea of what your plan is. You feel out of sorts! This doesn’t need to cost you a lot of money, maybe 5-10 of research online for resources will go a long way!


2) Try a Class. You don’t even have to have a game plan. that person at the front has already got you covered! *Sub-Tip* Be early so you can get any spot you want and avoid that front row!


3)Pump It Up with Some Workout Tunes! Download the KCBI App so you can have your favorite music and teaching programs with you to help you tackle that gym!