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My Angel

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I would like to wish my wife Happy Birthday. next Thursday with a song I have written and recorded (sang and performed by others). I would like to do it on air or have you call her and play song for her. Words were not enough for how I feel for and about her so I wrote a song called, “My Angel”
My Angel
God Sent me an angel when he sent you to me
I can see it in your face as you lay there in your sleep
You spread your hands and your wings as far as you can
You give yourself with all your heart, All to the least of them

Your face is filled with beauty, With love from above
You’re fierce as a lion and gentle as a dove
You touch the hearts of many with that special face
And share all of His kindness and His amazing grace


You seek out the downtrodden and those that lost their way
Give them hope for tomorrow and joy for today
You find those that are hurting and those that feel alone
You show them that they’re wanted and love them as your own