Praise Wall

My Cancer Journey

537 North Feemster Lake Road Hello My name is Rennia pronounced Rennie. In August 2017 They found a Mass the size of a large watermelon attached to my left ovary and pressed against my colon, bladder and stomach abdomen area. I had no choice but to face a major surgery. The mass had to be removed as well as a total hysterectomy and appendectomy. As they prepared me for the sugery, the doctor talked to my husband. He was told that I might not survive the surgery. The blood loss would be great. Prayers were going up. During surgery I was given four units of blood. I have no doubt God was with me because I should not have survived that surgery. The prognosis was two different types of cancer. One was a slow growing cancer called a carsonoid in my appendix. All of it was removed and nothing had spread. The other Cancer was Clear Cell Carcinoma of the Ovary. It is a rare type of Ovarian cancer. I have one more Chemo treatment and I will be done.