Praise Wall


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On 12/14, my daughter Brittany, fiance and 4 of my grandkids were hit by a train at a crossing without guard rails, signals and did not hear a train horn. She was seriously injured and had to be care-flighted to a trauma center to have part of her face and scalp sewn and stapled back together. She fractured 6 bones in her neck can’t work for a while. She also fractured her skull and her nose. She didn’t have insurance as her job didn’t offer it and she couldn’t afford to get it on her own. Between her and her fiance, they have 5 kids. They both work hard but it takes all they make to get by. Their truck was totaled with only liability insurance. Her med. bills alone will be astronomical. They spoke to an Atty and after they spoke to the RR, they dropped her because they said the train did everything it was supposed to. She has GoFundMe and has raised $5k but we don’t know what else we can do to raise money as people have stopped giving. Any ideas as to what else we can do to get help?