Praise Wall

My Deliverer

One year to date (Oct. 30, 2017) my world began to literally spin out of control. I was alone at home when the room began to spin rapidly, and as I laid down in my bed I felt sweat all over my chest. Initially I didn’t think I should call 911, but something told me this was not normal.
Because my room that I was in upstairs I had to manage to get downstairs to open the door for the paramedics.
I was taken to the hospital where my family met me .
After two hours, the hospital released me.
My family told me that I laid in bed for three days when they decided they should return me to the hospital.
By that time my brain had swollen, and the doctors had to drill a hole in my skull to release the pressure (it was discovered that I had had a stroke that was not seen when the paramedics initially brought me in).
After the surgery I could not remember my time at home, but I had no abnormalities from this horrible incident. My Lord delivered me from the Evil one.