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My friend girlfriend stop calling me

My Girl friend stop talking to me back on Jan 06/2018, I don’t no why. I called her on Jan 10/2018? when she did answer the phone she just hang the phone up on me. When I called back the same day she block my home and cell number. I called her from a pay phone, she would not answer the phone so I left a message on her voice mail saying please call me. Back on Jan 16/2018 I sent her a e- mail asking her to please call me so we can talk? she have not return my e -mail. I call her again back Jan 23/2018 on her cell phone the recorder said the person you trying to reach the service is not acting. I’m thinking might be her phone is real off or she had the number change? keep me from calling her anymore. I don’t want to think in my mind that she have a new man in her life. I was there for her when she had a major surgery last year in Aug 2017. I don’t know what to do or think? I’m still in love with her please help me.