I had my girls at a very young age, so I was not raised right, I had been raised with very low self esteem, my parents were drunk a lot, I had been molested in head start, then raped when I was 12 in the park. My mother raised us with a very strong hand. Short of the story was not as bad as my mother, but my two oldest have really can to resent me, I try to give then words of advice, using the bible. I am a born again Christian. Trying to reunite with my girls, my youngest wants me in Idaho, to be closer, my oldest lives there but does not want anything to do with me, she said I never had a house for them to go through, that I had been in out of shelters. She is angry. I going to move there in3/2018. I need prayer that God opens a door to a good job and a place to live. Then the door to mending our relationship. My other one is in Puerto Rico, and won’t take calls from me, blocked me on Facebook. There is more. And would love to speak face to face or phone ifpossible. (480)819-8693