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My Journey, A Miracle

December 28, 2016

A journey is what I have been on mom passed away, the love I my life left the arrogance I lived begun to crumble. Oh this was just a precursor of what to come. I lost my job, playing a great role in my downward spiral. Alone in the house my mom the greatest women providing for 2 children and paying off the house all alone. I continued to sin you know the fun stuff the popular and accepted stuff. I still cried out to God and jobless no electricity I would walk and just talk to Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy spirit I am sure was at work then. I ended up at Pathway of Grace and was accepted in to the worship of our Father. I was playing in the band even though I was a sinner. That was the Love that drew me further and showed me that Yahweh did hear Jesus and host of Angels were at work the Holy Spirit was there and here. Ready to commit suicide I called Leo from church and told him do not ask a question I need a place to stay for a week I will bee very sick and with out question he was on