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My Journey Through My Husband’s Anoxic Brain Injury

My husband went in to Sudden Cardiac Arrest on May 24, 2017 while driving me to work. Due to the extended period of time without oxygen, he is suffering from an Anoxic Brain Injury. He was in a coma for 3 weeks, and is slowing making progress in the hospital. I have been trying to get approval from the health insurance company to transfer him to a Brain Rehabilitation Facility. However, their belief is that brain injury patients are not worth the money to rehabilitate. I have been able to locate only two facilities that are willing to accept him, based on his current medical condition. One is in Houston, the other is in Atlanta. The one in Atlanta is probably the best options offering care at all levels. If approved by insurance, they are willing to pay half the cost of the Medic Flight ($5000), but the other half would be my responsibility. I need your help. Please bring my story to the attention of listeners to help others with this same condition that need a voice.