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My Mother

April 2, 2015

I tried to write everything but didn’t have the room, so long story short, on 03 14 2015 my mother passed away, she lived with my family and I since my fathers passing 16 yrs. ago, she was the example of what a Christian is, and I miss her daily , I wish I could see her walk from her room just one more time, she was 93 years young and made sure that everyone of her children and most of her grandchildren were saved, I wish only for prayer of peace I don’t know why this has been so hard on me but it has and I know she is in a better place than any of us, and I know she used to say she couldn’t wait to meet Jesus, I know she has but please pray for me and my family, my sister Pat is soon to pass with triple cancer diagnosed 3 moths ago and that will be another hurdle, please just pray for my family and peace. thank you R. Redding