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My neighbor, Dan G.

April 19, 2016

Dan G. was diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer recently. He reached out to a couple of us neighbors, and we are supporting Dan in prayer and in practical ways. I put in a prayer request on KCBI a week ago, and have been notified of 15 responses to it. Thank you for praying for him. Dan is 52 years old and was told he could live to see his late fifties. Dan has decided to seek two other opinions, and our neighbor and I are encouraging him to pursue those other opinions, because the first doctor was totally without compassion or a human connection, to the point of not even making eye contact with his patient during the delivery of such devastating news.
I praise God that He has drawn Dan back to church again for the first time in many years! I thank God that He still loves Dan and is also supporting him, and putting him in touch with people who ally themselves with him, giving encouragement and hope, directing him to support groups, and so on. Thanks for praying for Dan!