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My sister Barb

April 17, 2015

Recently I posted a prayer request for my sister, Barb. I want you to know that it has been well answered by the God of all mercy!

Her live-in boyfriend of 15 years can be unpredictable and sometimes mean or cruel, but other times he’s loving and helpful. This came into play after Barb’s recent hip replacement surgery. She took a fall at home the night she was released from the hospital, and he was not supportive, physically or emotionally. I asked for prayer that God would soften his heart and make him more compassionate and understanding of her needs while she convalesces at home.

He’s really done a turnaround, praise God! He’s being helpful and kind and supportive. I’m so pleased to see this for myself and hear Barb talk of how loving and good he’s been since right after her fall, the next day.

Thank you SO much for your prayers! May God bless you and yours.