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My son Elliot Davis

September 7, 2015

Please pray for my incredible son Elliot who will soon be with the Lord. He is dying of a non-malignant brain tumor on his brain stem. He surrendered to the ministry in high school. He graduated #3 in his class, and we found out about the tumor 3 days before graduation when he passed out. After a couple surgeries and several radiation treatments Elliot when off to college. He was going to Dallas Baptist University for a degree in biblical studies when his tumor hemorrhaged. His tumor has continued to grow.
Everybody tells me Elliot was always smiling and encouraging to others. God gave him a ministry of suffering. He has done it with great grace, praising Jesus all the way. I am so proud to call him my son.
Elliot did a video testimony at his church about a month before the tumor hemorrhaged. Many have already been touched by it and I hope you too will take the opportunity to watch it. Here is the Facebook link: