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My Son’s Drug Overdose | Kevin Malone’s Story

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Former L.A. Dodgers baseball manager Kevin Malone walked in on every parent’s worst nightmare. His son had overdosed on drugs and he couldn’t wake him up. Kevin joins Rebecca Carrell and Liz Rodriguez to talk about his years on the road and how they impacted his family and how the God who redeems all things changed their lives.

The Shawn Miracle - The Incredible True Story

A son’s wayward choices. A father’s anguished regret. A mother’s incredible prayer. God’s awesome mercy. When college student Shawn Malone overdosed and fell into a coma, he was essentially declared brain dead by his doctors. Desperate and heartbroken, Shawn’s family and friends began to cry out to God for a miracle. Two years later, these same people—including Pastor Francis Chan and Shawn’s father Kevin, a former Major League general manager—share Shawn’s miraculous story.

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