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my story of suffering from vascular problems blood clots on my leg.

February 4, 2016

My story began in 2013 when I have an old car a 2003 Stratus I went to put some tires on my car and they forgot to put the knobs on my car in the tire flew off my car anyway to make a long story short I didn’t get hurt thank God but I ended up with a sore back and a sore leg anyway I cut myself on the dashboard on my toe ended up with a gangrene on my toe this is my right leg were talking about ever since then I have gone through a lot of procedures I had 5 skin graft have had multiple surgeries on my leg but thank God I didn’t lose my leg and I’m still having a lot of procedures I just had another one about 2 weeks ago got out of the hospital I was in ICU this time for 6 days I have had a win back on my ankle I have suffered tremendously and I have asked God why is this happening I don’t do that to nobody I’m a good person I help everyone that needs help I love kids I do childcare I’m a child care provider I love kids I love being around clear so why did this happen to me