Praise Wall

MY WOW Moment!! 1

My son has suffered from addiction for over 6 yrs. He lived in California, homeless, wrapped up in his heavy addiction. I was worring my self sick. I just knew one day. I would get a phone call that ever parent dreads.. I would wake up out of dead sleep. Having the strong erge to pray for my son. In the middle of the day at times. I tried to put him on a bus or air plane. When he would reach out for help. But he never came home. I had to learn to give my son to God! And believe that God is going to protect him. And continue to just pray.
About 4 months ago, my son agreed to come home. I knew that I would have to drive to go get him. 1800miles away. I didn’t want to risk him changing his mind this time.. so my oldest daughter and I went to Cali. To get him. Know he could change his mind at any time. So I had to come to terms that I might be driving all that way for nothing. The enemy was mad let me tell you. Through a tornado, hail, and mysterious pain. We made it.. my son continued