Praise Wall

My WOW Moment!! 2

To agree to come home. And go to rehab here in Texas. We got to town in California And I lost contact with my son. He stopped responding to me.. we spent the day with my precious grand baby his daughter, he isn’t allowed to see. But he knew we had to leave the next day. The next day came around. I started to txt him early. No response! At 12 pm I had to come to terms that I might have to leave my son there. But I had to try and do something. We heard he was in a house (drughouse) some where in town. But we didn’t know where!! So we get in my car and just started driving around town. We past by this house. A couple of time and it just keep catching my eye! And then my daufgter said. Mom- I think Zac is there.. she didn’t know I was already thinking the same thing. So I stopped and knocked on the door! The first house we stopped at.. and a older man aswered, and I said- I am looking for my son..
And he said- Oh! You must be Zac’s mom! Yes he is in the bedroom.. I was just floored!!I