Praise Wall

Need thee every hour and need help

About 3 years ago I lost my job. I started driving for Lyft an Uber. My mom had dementia. she asked me to please do not put her in a nursing home. I didn’t I became her caregiver and kept her at home. She went to be with the Lord 16 months ago. I have been doing fairly well until my car has started breaking down. I went to try to trade it in but I’m upside down and they said they wouldn’t even take it for a trade in if they did they would only give me $1,000. Because there’s just too much wrong with it. The air conditioner on this car I had fixed last week which I was unable to work for 4 days no money coming in. The air conditioner has broke again so it should be under warranty. But here I am again not being able to work and pay my bills. Plus never know when the car is just going to not work at all. I just don’t know what to do