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Needing employment

By September 29, 2017 No Comments

I was offered a promotion, but it meant moving here to the DFW area. I discussed this with my partner because we would be leaving behind both of our families. We prayed about it and took the leap of faith. When we moved she was finishing up with online schooling. She finished and has not been able to find a job in about a year and half. She has gone on line during this whole time and applied for several jobs without any luck. She isn’t being picky…she is willing to take less money at this point. My school loan payments will start next month which is going to make things even more difficult. We had both been praying for a job and just recently “Gave” our request to God. We know that he knows best…we know he has a plan…we are trying to stay positive! I feel bad because I took us away from our families and now that looking for a job is bring her down. I am asking for prayers! I know GOD IS GREAT AND HE HAS A BIGGER PLAN!