Praise Wall


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I have a prayer request for the clients at Neurorestorative, 6th floor of UT Health building Tyler at which I’ve been an honored guest twice Memorial day 2015 which coincides with the suicide of Phil Lineberger. He baptized me August 23,1983 at Richardson Heights on Beltline and Floyd. I have been to his church in Houston, Williams Trace which was renamed “Sugarland.” I am currently a member of The Heights on Renner and US 75.On March 15,2017 I was knocked off of my bike on Arapaho and US 75 and was rewarded with a fractured pelvis, a 6 ” scar on my abdomen and a TBI with a scar on my scalp. I was in rehab 5 months learning how to put weight back down on my right leg for 5 months. Motor vehicle driver was never caught by the Richardson police. They will have to live with what they “accomplished” as long as they are still breathing. David