Praise Wall

New career paths started

Its stuff sometimes being a parent. Parents want to give thier kids everything in life. We cant do that and my girls have found that out. We been wanting them to find a career and do something in life starting in a career path. They both are now signing up for the medical field. One turned in her paper work today and Lord willing the other is turning hers in saturday. Nothing is better for a parent than to see thier kids start a career path for them and thier future. We sure didnt see this one coming for both but god and all the struggles they have been going through is making them want to press foward and go do instead of just saying thier gonna do something. The hard lessons and trials is what makes a person and with the right encouraging people around instill the good in someone that they can to over come and shoot for goals. They dont have to settle only they them self puts limits on them self and need to not put limits on what can be done. I didn’t even care what career path.