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Noah’s Healing

December 17, 2016

I posted a prayer request for Noah from Jacquelyn about three weeks ago. Here is the latest update from Jacquelyn. We are praising the Lord for this little boy’s healing! Thank you for all the prayers!
Noah update:
Laying next to Noah watching him sleep peacefully. It wasn’t too long ago he was moving all night long while he slept and wasn’t resting at all. I am very thankful tonight that God heard our prayers and he healed Noah. When the ministers anointed him Thursday they asked for the healing to be immediate. I guess God took that literally! I will update more tomorrow but it’s been a big week. Noah came off of his movement medication successfully(this is huge) and he’s able to move great on his own, he’s now sleeping great, and inexplicably the organ that was badly damaged and wasn’t working(the reason he was having an every other