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Nominating My minister friend for help after being homeless for 2 years!!!

By December 13, 2018 No Comments

My friend and classmate Valeri is a minister in training. We were together studying recently and thats when she confided in me that she had been homeless her and her son living in her car until recently, she was approved for an apt. But her Mom in Ohio is very Ill and may not live through the Christmas holiday so she has been driving back and forth from TX to care for her Mom. Recently she went home to take care of her Mom, when she returned her job was in jeopardy along with the apt and facing a possible repo on her vehicle. She told me she was tired and was considering suicide because her struggles were too painful and too much to bear and she felt she was reaching her breaking point. She filed bankruptcy to keep the car and the empty apt. I gave her a bed and bedding. But other than that she has a chair and some wall hangings. She reported yesterday that she on her way back to Ohio to check on her Mom and ask us to pray for her! Please lift up Valeri her # 469.347.1549 & Mom!