Mornings with Rebecca & Burns

Nothing Is Impossible For God

Today you may be praying for healing, freedom from unhealthy thought patterns or a wayward loved one. Can I share something with you out of my advent reading that I shared with some dear friends yesterday?

Luke 1:37 says, “Nothing is impossible for God.” I trust you know I’m not a prosperity girl and neither do I lean charismatic. But what a timely reminder as we pray for our parents, our children, and our friends.

Nothing is impossible, which means everything is possible. Healing is easy for the one who wove the body together. Ordering thoughts and providing direction is child’s play to the personification of wisdom. Jesus wept over the wayward ones in Israel and Paul’s life testifies that God has a way of reaching the most antagonistic to the faith, even if it means knocking them off their high horse and knocking some heavenly sense into them.

Nothing is impossible for God and Jesus encourages us to ask and keep asking. I’m so grateful that we serve this kind of savior! So if you are reading this, know that I am seeking, knocking, and asking on your behalf today. I am so grateful for you and praying that you feel God’s love for you.

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