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Now You Can Carry-On SUPER SIZE Sunscreen to Flights!

By April 12, 2021 No Comments

This might not be as “BREAKING NEWS” as it is for Lauree but here’s why you should be excited:

You are no longer limited to only the 3 fl. oz.  of liquid to carry on to the flight in your purse or bag. In the case of sunscreen it’s not considered a medically important treatment that can go with you on-board. Which means the next time you are going through security and that giant tub of sunscreen is pulled out of your purse and plopped onto the conveyor belt…the TSA needs to let it pass!

And if that’s not exciting enough, let’s get excited for protecting our skin!! Three Cheers for sunscreen!! Hip Hip Hooray!

Lauree doesn’t even care that she’s really going hard letting her Dork flag fly…she’s been dosing up with all sorts of sunscreens, even has a new bottle next to her driver seat in her car to put on your hands when she’s driving home in the Texas sunshine.  She’s had one too many risks of skin cancer, plus your skin will thank you for caring for it -so get out there, take some trips and don’t forget that Giant Tub’o’SunScreen that can on go in your purse!