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Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

August 4, 2014 Experiencing God Together

At Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship (OCBF), we develop Kingdom people as we experience God and do life together. That includes authentic relationships—first with our Savior and then with each other. Members experience sound teaching, vibrant worship, genuine fellowship and holistic outreach. We teach our members the principles of the Kingdom of God so they learn to function under the authority of the Kingdom in every dimension of life. Through the proper blending of God’s Word with good works, the goal of our church is to visibly model God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Vision & Mission

Our vision statement is to have transformed lives that reflect the values of the Kingdom of God. Our mission is to disciple the members of OCBF so that they are equipped to impact individuals, families, churches and communities from a Kingdom perspective. Thus our mission statement is Discipling the church to impact the world.

Four Vital Experiences

Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship is organized around the four vital experiences, also called ministry areas, in an effort to make the Word of God real in the realm of our experience. OCBF’s biblical organizational structure allows every aspect of our church to function in the presence of God; under the authority of God; to the glory of God.

Worship – We are a church that celebrates the glory of God.

Fellowship – We are a church where no one stands alone.

Christian Education – We are a church that teaches the knowledge and application of God’s Word.

Outreach – We are a church that spreads the love of Christ in word and deed.



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