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One Author Says To Pray For Your Kids To Crash & Burn

Maybe you did the same thing that Jeff did but when his kids were little, he would pray over them as they were asleep. Now that his daughter has graduated high school, they also had a time of prayer for her as she enters into the world of adulthood. However, an author that Jeff knows said something that really transformed his perspective on how he sees prayer for our children.

His friend wrote this:

“I used to pray that God would protect my kids from making the same mistakes that I’ve made. While I still pray for God’s protection over my kids,  I pray that He would do whatever it takes to win their hearts, even if that means allowing them to crash and burn.”

I mean, you’re probably thinking “What kind of parent prays that for their children?”  But to actually trust that God is in control even when our kids crash and burn, that’s a bold move as a parent!

The thing about this that makes it so true is that when these periods happen in our lives and in our children’s lives, it reminds us of God’s capability to take something so destructive and change it completely into something for His glory.

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