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One Word Makes All The Difference

The world and the Bible are both telling us the same thing, but the difference lies in one word.

The world’s message is this: You will be okay “if”.

If you lose the weight. If you find a spouse. If you get a better job. If you pull the bigger salary. If you had younger skin. More education. More friends. A bigger platform. You will be okay if you drive this car. Wear this brand. Eat this food. Live in this neighborhood.

Jesus has a similar message, but He changes one word: You will be okay “because”.

You will be okay because He has already done the work. Fulfilled the law. Lived the perfect life. You will be okay because Jesus has overcome the world.

There is nothing that you are suffering from or struggling with outside of that category. Whether you’re dealing with a scary diagnosis, remember that while you are fighting that illness, He is the ultimate healer. Maybe you’re recovering from a job loss, remember that while that situation stinks, He is your ultimate provider. What if you’re dealing with a past littered with failure? Yes, the past may have been hard and devastating for some, but Jesus has cast your failures as far as the East is from the West. For others, it’s the fear of an uncertain future. While the future may be unknown for us, Jesus holds the future in His hands.

We don’t have to fear tomorrow because we know who holds tomorrow!

If you’d like to listen to the song included in the podcast, you can watch Christy Nockels video of “Healing In Your Hands” below!

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