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One Word That Can Help Release Anxiety

By January 4, 2021 No Comments

Anxiety is a normal feeling, but some days, those anxious feelings can make getting through the day really tough. What I’ve learned in my experience with anxiety is though those feelings are true, they’re not truth. When I feel anxious, I’ve found that it’s because I’ve lost sight of 1 of 2 truths:

  1. I’ve forgotten that God is with me right now. We have to stop and remind ourselves that even though stress and anxiety are there, God is too.
  2. I’ve forgotten that God is already ahead of us. He’s already existing and loving and working in the place that we are going next.

Now here is the one word that you can share with someone you know or you can remind yourself that has the power to stop anxiety in its tracks the next time it arises.


Remember that God is with you and God is already ahead of you working things out for your good and for his glory.