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Only Jesus Gets To Tell You Who You Are

Pastor Josh Howerton of Lakepointe Church in Rockwall has a powerful message to share when it comes to where we find our identity.

“The number one lie that the devil wants you to believe is that you are your activity. Only Jesus gets to tell you who you are. There is only one person that has purchased the naming rights to your soul and that’s Jesus Christ when He died on the cross.

So listen to me, you are not your addiction. I don’t care how many times you stood up in a meeting and said, “Hi, my name is john and I’m an alcoholic.” You may struggle with alcoholism, but your deepest identity is not that you are an alcoholic, you are a child of the living God.

You are not your past, no matter how bad what you did was and how many times it is awoken you in the night you’re not your past. You are not your sin, no matter how deep the transgression. You are not your orientation and I know you got a thousand people in your life telling you what you should and should not do with that part of your life, but you are not your orientation. You are not your affair, your abortion, you are not your divorce.

You may look at me right now and say, “yeah, but that’s the biggest thing that ever happened in my life.” No, it isn’t! If you’re a Christian Jesus dying on the cross for you is the biggest thing that ever happened in your life. That is what defines you!” – Pastor Josh Howerton

who Jesus says you are

"Only Jesus gets to tell you who you are."

Posted by Josh Howerton on Tuesday, November 19, 2019