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Our God Reigns!

February 7, 2016

Wed 3rd, my son sent S.O.S prayer requests, one @3PM, & then another most urgent, late that night( you all have the emails record). Right away, this put me in a spiritual turmoil, & did what Christians do when in trouble: I recruited Christians to pray, even KCBI prayer warriors.
Thursday 4th came & went, & nothing was heard from my son. The suspense was thick.
Fr 5th came, & still nothing. I was spiritually exhausted & it was worst not knowing the subject for which we were praying. I made the resolution to praise the Lord every hr while awake, & at the end of the praise list, I would attach the request for the blessings of the prayer of Jabez on my son.
It was Sat 6th @11AM when my husband awoke me to tell me that my son had sent an email: “Our prayers were answered.” “Praise, praise be to our God forever, & ever,” I said. And to you all @ KCBI, thank you for your prayer support.