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People Who Live The Longest All Have This In Common

In Japan, the secret to living a longer, happier and more fulfilled life can be summed up in one word: Ikigai. In Japanese, iki means “to live” and gai means “reason” — in other words, your reason to live.

So in secret, the way that these people are living so long is that every time they wake up in the morning, they have a purpose for being there.

As we look at this as Christians, how can this concept apply in our own lives? Well, God has designed us to not be self-focused, we are deeply designed to live outwards. We see this in our fulfillment whenever we get the opportunity to help someone or the instant boost of joy whenever we get to bless someone else.

The one thing we can take away from all of this is that it’s not about finding out God’s plan for our lives, it’s about giving our lives over to God’s plan.

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