My wife and I have been married for almost 9 years now. While yea that is still a very short time to be together its been a long nine years for us. From the moment we got married we’ve struggled financially. We had a lot going for us in our relationship, but finances were a constant issue. Through all the struggle though the past year has shown God’s faithfulness and blessing. I was able to get out of a bad situation and blessed with a full time job, benefits, and the opportunity to move up that is very real. My wife left the same company for a better paying job with much less stress. We were able to move from an apartment that was a constant reminder of our circumstances to a place we’re happy to be and fits our family size. Even more through it all we’ve had a few financial blessings from a woman we don’t know, but my mother-in-law does and because God put us on her heart we are finally feeling that weight lift. As it was during the struggle it still rings true all praise goes to God