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Please pray for these people

December 28, 2016

Please pray for the following-Nicole’s heart’s desire is to hear the Lord more clearly. She desires that the Lord will open doors that need to be opened and close those that need to be closed. She is asking the Lord to set her feet upon the straight and narrow road that leads to everlasting life! Grant it Lord! Pray that when the tempter comes she will have the strength to make right choices!
Pray for little Julia who is diagnosed with severe autism. She is ten years old and has never spoken a word. Pray for her deliverance! Please pray for the salvation of her mother Laura and her grandfather Paul.
Tanya has been diagnosed with cysts on her liver. She does not smoke or drink, but is under a lot of stress on her job. We curse these cysts in Jesus’ Mighty Name. We speak healing and restoration to Tanya’s spirit soul and body!
Jeff and Bev need a financial miracle in order to get the help for their little 6 year old daughter.