Praise Wall

Power in the blood of Jesus

For a long time I struggled with addiction. I often found myself down and looking for the way out. I knew Jesus and even prayed regularly. But I had not surrendered. See I would go to jail and get cleaned up while the Lord was faithfully working on me to bring about His purpose. And I would swear off this or that just to return to it and try again. This went on for a while ,in and out of jail. My family loved me and continued to stay by my side praying and believing God would deliver me from the web of sin I was caught in. Well Jesus is faithful to complete the work he has started in us and for this I am greatful, Philippians 1:6.
Well on one of the times I was in jail cleaning up and finding refuge in the Lord learning to lean on my Christian brothers. I tested positive for hep C. I was pretty scared but I had brought it upon myself the way I was living. So I started claiming scripture Psalms 103:1-5, Mark 16:17-18. This was 2014 and I was not done using yet. ( to be continued)