Praise Wall

Praises God uses willing hearts for his purposes. Thank you KCBI for your willing Hearts!

By April 23, 2021 No Comments

My son and I have listened to KCBI daily as we commuted to and from school which was quite a distance away. God continually uses KCBI to reach, speak and touch the hearts of listeners. I am walking through a season of great unknowns, a deep valley, but I am filled with Peace and Joy as I trust the Lord that His will shall be done no matter what that may look like. I’m crushed in spirit but God works all things for good. Praying for protection over my son, truth and restoration for our family and for confirmation of a job. Through the good and bad seasons of my life KCBI, KCBI has encouraged and lifted me and millions of others, up through your music and ministries. Today, although I have minimum resources, I’m giving to KCBI monthly, finally! Acting on that nudge in my spirit so that others may be blessed by you as much as we have! May you continue to bless us and may every knee bow and know how beautiful it is to walk and trust in Jesus. Proverbs 3:4-6
His humble servant