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Praising God in the Bad Times

By September 21, 2020 No Comments

Most people only thank God when things are good or going right in their lives. Back in 2013 my mama fell and broke her hip in 3 places. Thank God she did because we found out she had multiple myeloma (bone marrow cancer) People tend to look at you strange when you praise God for broken bones. In 2014 she had a stem-cell transplant that was very successful. In 2015 she had knee replacement and in 2018 she had to have it redone due to the bone collapsing and splitting. In 2020 she had her other knee replaced and found out she had Endometrial cancer and in the middle of all this she loses 2 nephews and her sister. I lost my mama in May and one of her brother’s shortly after. After my mama passed I was at risk of losing a place to live and our car… But through all this I knew God had a plan, that he would use the valleys that I was going through to help others find the mountain. Not only did God bring me and my family through all of this he has given me peace he has given me strength.