Praise Wall

Prayer for Company and untrustable co-workers

Hi Guys,

I hear your show everyday. I want to start first apologizing for my typos.

I would like you guys to pray for one of the biggest and well known companies in DFW metroplex which many employees are disrespectful and do not care for coworkers success. Every department works as a whole separate business unit and there is no “team work”. Let’s say you make a mistake, they won’t show you how to correct it. They will just take that task away from you. One manager is the most sarcastic person I’ve ever known. Other people won’t even say hello back when you pass by them. Pray so these people experience GOD in their live. Two-face people kind of environment to work for. Also, Pray for me and my family, so GOD move me wherever I can find a healthy environment to work for, I used to pray for this Job years ago and God heard my prayer. I feel horrible praying now to move somewhere else, but this situation it has gotten to the point that is really hard to spend one more second.